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Do not find fault, find a remedy.

Henry Ford

Some comments from our clients:

“Lol is quickly able to grasp the legal and financial aspects of a dispute. He understands the human dynamic underlying conflict and has the skills needed to channel emotions in a way that moves the case to settlement.”

“[Lol’s] patience with each side, his energy in studying the various documents and code sections, and his understanding of the legal issues, and personalities, we all wrestled with, were essential to getting to yes in this mediation.”

“Lol, you are a truly talented, patient and professional lawyer in the very best meaning of the term. Thank you for hanging in there and getting it done. In my experience, you are at the very top of the line in your very difficult and, until the end, challenging field.”

“Thanks for another herculean effort on your part, Lol. This was definitely an impressive piece of work by you. I frankly did not think this case would settle, certainly not before depositions.”

“[We] were very fortunate [the insurance company] chose you to be our Mediator. . . . I do hope we have opportunity to work together again in the near future. I am slowly weaving my way into the legal fabric of Ventura County and you are the first mediator I have met in this area that has taken your art to its highest level.”

“Thank you for your incredible efforts last night! You did such amazing job with tough personalities. Your work was invaluable; and I cannot thank you enough.”

I’m not sure there would have been another mediator better suited for shuttling between these very difficult camps of parties than you, Lol. You never let the bridge of communication burn to the ground despite the best attempts of my client, at times, and I’m sure the efforts of others who were participating.  Thank you, for a job VERY well done.”

“Thank you for your efforts today in bringing the parties together . . . [Y]our “table feel” for what was feasible was excellent. We were very pleased you devised a way to bridge the gap that separated the parties toward the end. This was one of those unusual cases where plaintiffs weren’t overreaching, but they were so sophisticated that managing their expectations was maybe even harder than in cases where people just want money and lots of it. We were very happy with your efforts and the outcome. . . . You are at the top of the list as far as I’m concerned.”

“I commend you for your dedication, demeanor and persistence. You are a true professional with a special talent for this line of work. . . . Thanks again, and we will assuredly do business again.”

“By mid afternoon it was obvious that there would not be an easy settlement . . . I credit the final settlement to your skill at handling the clients, attorneys and issues.  Moreover, I believe that your willingness to stay to the end, and your encouragement that we do the same, is what ultimately lead to the settlement. Both my client and I were very impressed with you as a mediator.”

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